Reblog: The Time We Burned Banana Bread.

I want to remember this article and if You feel led to read it, I’d love your thoughts on it.

Things We Didn't Know

What you are about to read is a story so gross, so horrific that it should have never taken place and it most definitely should never be spoken of…but because I love to be hated, here it goes…

Re-learning how to cook in Tanzania made me lose all sense of dignity, worth and femininity.  The first meal that Shan and I tried to make was “tacos” which we found out later meant “butt” in Swahili so that totally makes sense why our guard was mortified when we asked him if he wanted to taste our tacos.  I hate us.  Cooking our taco meal took us 3 hours…3 sweaty hours!  Every single thing had to be made from scratch. Our bodies had not climatized to the heat at this point, so the lack of AC mixed with the heat of the stove sent us into occasional attacks of heat strokes and…

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7/30/18: Mission Monday

We made it "home". I'm sure some will disagree but in our family, Home is where your people are ... or at least that is what we are teaching G. Home isn't a fixed place. Its a period of time with people that are blood family or friends that have become family. To me, this … Continue reading 7/30/18: Mission Monday